Our Services

If you live in a regional area and have a child with a serious or life threatening medical condition and require transport to a medical facility in a major city, then Wings4Kidz can help.

Our Flight Services
Wings4Kidz flight operations are based out of Bankstown Airport. We use highly qualified professional pilots, with many of our pilot’s volunteering their time and skills. Flights can be provided to and from any regional area for children and families needing access to specialist medical facilities in major cities. We understand that seriously ill children need a flexible service as there are often changes in their health due to their medical condition and treatment regime and therefore, we aim to customise our flight schedule to meet their specific requirements and flights can be provided at short notice. For many children, there is a risk of using public transport such as commercial flights, trains and buses as this can seriously compromise their health and well-being due to their reduced immunity. We therefore provide a service that removes them from these potentially dangerous environments by providing a private flight service.
Ground Transport
It is not enough just to transport the families to major cities by air but they also need transport from the airport to the medical facility. Wings4Kidz provides a ground transport service to meet this need

How can you access Wings4Kidz services?

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