Wings4Kidz provides a free flight service for children in regional communities, who have serious or life threatening illnesses and are required to travel to major city based hospitals for treatment.

Making a positive impact

Sam Westcott – Parkes
Sam misses a lot of school with these visits to the hospital. Wings4kids now helps Sam miss the least amount of school possible and allows him to recover easier with less time travelling. Sam will continue to have ongoing appointments and procedures in the future for many years to come. It is always very stressful with each different issue Sam faces without the stress and the struggle of juggling the long trips, with 2 other children and running our farm. Kevin and his amazing team take away some of that stress and we are ever so very thankful for that!
Charlie Rose – Ballina

We live in Bangalow in regional NSW with our three daughters Harper 7yrs, Sadie 5yrs and our very special newest addition Charlie who is now 11months old.

Charlie's care is extremely complicated requiring ongoing reviews from paediatric neurosurgeons, endocrinologists, Opthalmologist's, ENT surgeons, radiologists and audiologists. Due to the rareness of these congenital problems all of these specialists are in Sydney where her care can be coordinated.

We were advised to contact Wings4kids through Charlie's therapist from the Royal Institute of Deaf and Blind Children and although we have only had the privilege of using this service once it has made all the difference.

Simply knowing that there are people willing and able to help us with the logistics of travelling to and from our many hospitals stays and appointments means we can spend more time as a family caring for Charlie during times of extreme stress for us all.

As a regional family the value of such a service can not be measured Phoebe Rose

Emma – Dubbo
We were very fortunate to have Wings4Kidz provide us with transport for our recent trip to Sydney for specialist appointments. My mother, Emma and myself were met at Dubbo airport by Wings4Kidz pilots Chad and Natalie who were very professional and caring. We had a wonderful flight from Dubbo to Bankstown which took less than one hour. On our arrival, we were then driven to our first appointment in Penrith and then to our accommodation in Westmead. After our appointment at the Children’s Hospital at Westmead the following day, we were then driven back to Bankstown to catch our Wings4Kidz flight home. It made such a difference for us to have our appointments complete and back home within 24 hours with a very happy and relaxed little girl. Thank you so much Wings4Kidz.
The Lillyman Family – Narromine
Fantastic team of people, all with hearts of gold. With the friendliest manner, they provide a smooth ride from your accommodation to the airport, a smooth flight with a very skilled pilot and a very "rock star" feel to climbing on board a Cessna! You never feel like an inconvenience, as everyone tries their best to make you as comfortable as you can possibly be. Thank you!
Chloe – Cessnock
On Tuesday the 7th June Wings4Kids flew my Mum , Nan & I to Westmead Children's hospital for my second infusion, I was so nervous for the whole week before they came to pick us up from Cessnock Airport. I had never been on a plane before , But once I was on the plane I was fine. I also had a friend come and wave as we flew off the view was amazing it didn't even take long to get there so much better then the long drive we normally have to take. And to make things so much easier for me this time I had no trouble with my infusion ? I wrote thank you cards to all those who helped me that day. I was so happy they made my day easier for me, I can't say thank you enough